Saturday, February 26, 2011

Barack Obama 2012: World Domination. KGB Mikhail Kryzhanovsky

World Domination

Securing the top position requires :
- economic domination
- military power — pre-emptive war or blackmail by war (seeking domination requires an inevitable increase in the military budget)
- a cultural and media invasion
- special operations to influence or neutralize leaders with negative attitude

 To keep America on top, we would have to prevent cooperation and coalitions between:

 China and Africa
 Shi’ia and Sunni Muslims
 Russia, Germany, and France
 Venezuela and Cuba
 Their trade agreements and alliances will change the geopolitical situation.

 The US seems to have been responding to events rather than anticipating them, which means that until now it has had no global international plan. Watch where the “vectors of force” are directed and you’ll break their strategic plans.
 Don’t listen to experts — crude oil world resources will be finished by the middle of the century. Get total control over the world oil market by force (Iraq and Iran) and take care of the weapons market — knock out Russia and restrain China (restrict their military research activity — Chinese nuclear and other WMD had better be our top priority in the next 20 years).

In most important world regions keep the balance by supporting the country which follows the leader:

In Europe — support Britain to balance Germany. You rule Europe if you rule the Persian Gulf. You rule the world if you rule Europe, and that’s why you have to keep NATO by all means to block the military independence of Europe (Germany). And watch Russia — it’s still highly militarized and holds Europe a hostage.
 In East Asia - support Japan, Russia and Taiwan to balance China.
 In South Asia support Pakistan to balance India.
In Latin America — support Argentina to balance Brazil.
 Our country is considered to be a superpower, though European Union, China, Russia and India have good potential of achieving the same status.  They all have large populations, growing military strength, economic potential and influence in international affairs. We are superpower, but we have to admit that it does not mean that the world is unipolar – at present it’s a unipolar system with one superpower and several rivals, major powers.

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