Saturday, February 26, 2011

Barack Obama 2012: Mind Control. Mikhail Kryzhanovsky, KGB

 Propaganda Technology

You need 24/7 effective propaganda to get non-stop public support of your policy — your war for public support doesn’t stop the day you enter the White House — it may stop the day you leave the White House. If your polls go below 40%, the United States effectively has no President.
Use the following propaganda tools:
- general (abstract) information on big problem
- information dosage (the less people know — the easier you convince them)
- misinformation (full or partial) presented as news, sensations, rumors
- disorientation - one bit of information contradicts another one
- provocation -  information “pushes” people (before you start war)
- information over-dosage -  too much information (and people lose interest)
- exaggeration of enemy’s negative sides and promotion of scary data  
- distraction of nation’s attention from news that is bad (for you) by publishing sensations and (political) scandals
- stereotype manipulation (“nuclear threat,” “international terror,” etc.
- “shuffle” - all news and facts match President’s political course
- “cocktail” -  mix of true and false information
-“facts transportation” from abroad (you buy a foreign reporter and he’s publishing positive information on your politics; then you spread the information through American media)
Remember the principles of mass psychology: people don’t believe the government - they believe the market and the stock exchange; people need statements, not analysis.

 Mind Control

 Every day in 2004 we watched the Homeland Security Department “terror alert colors” and very often the threat was “high” or “very high.” With all my 30 years espionage experience I couldn’t understand why they were telling the nation about the threat and producing the multicolor picture on TV. Why? What can ordinary Americans do about that? What happened next made the situation absolutely clear for me and posed one more question for the nation: right after President Bush was re-elected the colors disappeared - why? Again, what happened? Is there no more “terror threat” to America?  There is. But there’s mind control, too.
 Mind control, which I call mind manipulation or MM, is used to program the “right political behavior” of the nation or “indifferent behavior,” if necessary, without people’s knowing or understanding the procedure. We are talking here about total illegal social control.

Principles of Mind Manipulation

1) It’s not enough if every single citizen, and the nation as a whole, thinks and behaves your way - it’s much better if they want to behave your way and feel comfortable, and are absolutely sure it’s their own choice and, finally, they become your active  supporters.
2) If you want to control the nation and program peoples’ thoughts, you have to control knowledge (information, culture and communication).
3) The political imagination (belief) of the nation has to move in the right direction and has to be accepted as the most comfortable and most acceptable way of political activity: nobody is thinking, nobody is criticizing the President, nobody is making comparisons and drawing conclusions. Everybody believes the American President and hates his enemies.
4) Don’t waste time fighting foreign ideology, take care of ordinary Americans.
5) There is no difference between commercial and political advertising, and MM.
3.3.4 Technology of Mind Manipulation
1) Create a steadfast American collective will-power: “We want to live forever in the America we live in now” - through the media.
2) Don’t ask people to change their views and beliefs - they have only to change the object of their aggression - “Now we understand who is to be blamed for the problems! (the previous President, political opponents). “Now we understand where the problem lies!”(economic cycles, etc.).
3) Get people accustomed to accept facts but believe only in the “right” commentaries  - any common sense has to be “switched off.” This way you create “mass artificial schizophrenia” — people lose the ability (and desire) to connect statements and facts (notions) and just believe.
Besides, by extreme exaggeration of the enemy’s negative qualities you can install step by step the national schizophrenic fear and people have to accept you, the US President, as a savior. Plus, no matter what, repeat your major statements until people start accepting them without thinking.
4) Divide the nation into “good Americans”(patriots) and “bad Americans”(the “minority).
Then make it clear that it’s much better and more comfortable to be “good” than “bad.” “We aren’t watching good Americans who support the President. The surveillance is for bad Americans and we make their lives and careers uncomfortable. We have to do that because enemies of America may be using them.” This method is called artificial social selection and its ultimate goal is a total regulation and standardization of the nation.
5) For successful MM, use the combined efforts of popular American writers, TV and radio anchors, talented publicists and columnists, business and show business celebrities, politicians. Thus, step by step you create the “industry of correct political behavior and correct American thinking.”
6) Use a combination: statement + image. It reduces the effort needed to understand your message and makes people comfortable with you.
7) Shift all popular TV shows to prime time - Americans don’t have to think about politics after they come home.
8)  Keep terrorists in Guantanamo Bay forever - Americans have to see the threat every day .

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