Saturday, February 26, 2011

Barack Obama 2012: U.S. National Security Strategy. KGB Mikhail Kryzhanovsky

   U.S. National Security Strategy 2010 - ultimate stupidity

1. Globalization intensified the dangers we face - international terrorism..."
   Wrong. International terrorism does not exist. Every group has a target of its owm - mainly USA and Israel.
2. Renew our focus on Afghanistan as part of commitment to disrupt, dismantle and defat al-Qa'ida.
   Wrong. 10 years - we got nothing; there's nothing to renew.
3. We must pursue a strategy of global leadership.
   Wrong. We can't do it unless Russia and China are disintegrated as multi-national states.
4. Our rejection af actions like tortures..."
   Wrong. If CIA is not professional, if it has no damned secret sources what else they have to do ?
5. Key centers of influence - China, India, Russia.
   Wrong. It's a self-rejection.
6. We will pursue engagement with hostile nations [Iran and North Korea] to test their intentions.
   Wrong. They are a threat to us , because we are not a threat to them.
7. Peace between Israel and his neighbors...
   Wrong Peace is not profitable over there.
8. We must maintain our military conventional superiority, while enhancing its capacity to defeat assymetric threats.
   Wrong. Army can't fight assymetric threats like guerrilla, it's all about intelligence special ops.
9. Our intelligence and homeland security efforts must be integrated with our security policies, and those of our allies...
   Wrong. France, germany and Israel are into industrial espionage in America.
10. Nations must have inventives to behave responsibly, or be isolated when they do not.
     Wrong. religious nations take punishment as a test.
11. Rebalance our military capabilities to excel at counterterrorism, counterinsurgency, stability operations.
     Wrong. WE have to rebalanve our political efforts and redirect Taliban to othre targets (countries).
12. Analysts, agents and officers who protect us must have access to all relevant intelligence throughout the government.
     Very wrong. Imagine a 'mole" with such access !

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